Not a Fair Draw

For all of you Manchester United fans out there, this doesn’t refer to your club’s third round away draw against Aston Villa in the FA cup. This in in reference to the even more lopsided UEFA draw concerning the EURO. Disagree with me?, then what kind of groups are these…..

Group A:-

Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal and the Czechs

If everything goes according to the script, Portugal and Czechs should ease into the next round with Portugal topping the group. Czechs have always been the dark horses in such tournaments but they have rarely justified their billing.

Group B:-

Austria, Poland, Croatia  and the Germans

The Germans should really be thankful for whomever they pray, for getting such an easy draw. Their draw looks as if the organizers gave in to the demands of a football following Hitler. Croatia may sneak in to the next round from this group.

The above groups are quite clearly the easy ones designed to accommodate the host nations.

Group C :-

Romania, Holland, France and Italy

May be Mussolini couldn’t intimidate the organizers enough for this group is quite clearly the “Group Of Death”. Romania should consider themselves unlucky for getting such a draw after having played out of their Black sea drenched skins to top their qualifying group.

Holland will once again come a cropper in the tournament and will crash out behind the French and the Azurri.

Group D:-

Russia, Sweden, Greece and Spain

The defending champs will again have to get into their giant killing shoes if they are to even progress into the next round for they don’t exude confidence expected from defending champions. They are kinda like India and 20-20.

Come June 08 and we will be spectators to some weird results especially in connection with the hosts. Football has a long standing tradition of home nations going berserk in big tournaments and this may well turn out to be just a family tradition.


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