A (B)ache trip to nowhere

I would like to start on a bright note, for i am afraid this post is only going to go down hill from there on, as it will try to deal with some not so perfect happenings. The bright note happens to be that i had no intention of writing about all that which happened or didn’t happen on the tour.

The reasons being :-

1) I don’t usually write about things which are boring.

2) I don’t like being equipped with less information than the reader (or rather the person who reads).

3) Everyone remotely associated with blogging on the tour will write about it.

So i saw no particular reason in lambasting the ill organized tour with my own words. Having said that, i know many people on the tour, who might feel better seeing the pit falls of the trip being ripped open.

So here goes something….

Day 1:-

We start at 18:00 after loitering for about 3 hrs in front of the canteen as if we were stray dogs waiting for left overs (pardon the insane and completely uncalled for comparison). We reach Vizag at 15:00 the next afternoon courtesy some bus troubles and their equally sluggish drivers.

Day 2:-

Having survived a 24 hr ordeal on the road, we “refresh” for a couple of hours and head out for the beach which shows up only at around 19:00. I don’t know what kind of a tourist shows up on a beach well after sun set especially when a navy week’s in progress. However, after wetting our tired **** in the water for some 3 hrs, we hit the sack only to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to catch a train to Borra caves.

Day 3:-

After catching the train (which btw was the only thing which went according to the plan), we realize that traveling in a general compartment on a Sunday to a tourist destination, ain’t the brightest idea. So having slugged it out for about 4 hrs in the train we reach Borra, only to be greeted by a swarm of buzzing tourists who threaten to ruin the already ruined tour.

Anyway we do manage to explore the caves, but the crowd meant that we lost invaluable time which lead to Araku being dropped from the touring list. Anyway we embarked upon our return journey at around 16:00 and reached the college at various different times( not before 16:30) depending on the bus we were in.

Each bus had it’s own problem:-

1) White bus – most notorious of the lot in both content and performance

2) Yellow bus- allegedly an a/c bus minus the a/c

3) Pink bus- (had me on board πŸ™‚ ) seriously though, some of us had to take an APSRTC bus to complete our return journey


I have barely given an outline of what conspired on the tour. The details are far more telling but i have chosen not to reveal them today, for there are many gaping gaps in the details i know, as of now.


It was a completely mis-managed tour which was simply not what we had expected. The organizers though, aren’t to be singled out as we all are equally responsible for the fiasco. We have learned a lot from this experience which will enable us to stand in better stead in the times to come.

I would like to point out that the above written conclusion is just bureaucratic bull**** and that i am not even remotely related with such thoughts.

We just rode and rode and rode and were rarely away from the road (which was not so smooth by the way).


looks like i have made a hash of tenses


3 thoughts on “A (B)ache trip to nowhere

  1. rahul i just wanna say…”Fucker”…..[:)]…..

    well…this one is for using such complicated,hard to understand language in your blog

    and rahul U are an “asshole”……

    for simply writing so much to read…….:P

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