Slipping away

England literally slid out of Euro on a rainy night yesterday courtesy of their defence which at times was even more slippery than the Wembley surface. It would have been extremely unfair if England went through especially because of the players’ lack of commitment towards the well being of their national team.

Barring Gerrard and Beckham (on occasions), none of the others seem to give a ‘fish’ about the team. I have always failed to understand the reason for Lampard’s abysmal performances when on national duty. I am surprised that he is even compared with Gerrard because he simply lacks the drive to drive a team through difficult times.

I pity Gerrard for being born as an English footballer. He would have certainly won more tournaments had he been playing for some other country. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t even played in a major final (i think).

Speaking of the match, Mclaren once again proved what an a** he could be, by opting for a 4-5-1 formation. What’s more insane was that his lone striker up front was the lanky Crouchy who was handicapped by the absence of Beckham in the starting line-up. The defenders at the back looked somewhat off color considering their defensive ‘prowess’ while playing for their clubs.

I shouldn’t even begin on the performance of the goal keeper(if you could call him one). The team might have been better served, had they brought in Boycott’s mum from Yorkshire in his place. Even after all the defensive howlers, the English men could have got off scot free had it not been for Mr. Scot Carson.

The result is actually quite good for English football because this defeat hopefully, might bring about some much needed changes. I seriously hope these much needed changes won’t relate to the number of overseas players in the premier league because they are the ones who keep it going.


This post was rushed through, so any mistakes made are regretted.


10 thoughts on “Slipping away

  1. The problem with English football is
    a) The players seem more dedicated to their clubs and more passionate about the BPL than the international fixtures – barring a few.
    b) They pick up ridiculous coaches.
    c)WAG’s 🙂

    Gerrard,Crouch,Lampard(sometimes),Beckham(underrated),Terry,Cole are all quality players but just dont seem to gel well.

  2. That’s true

    Even supporters tend to back up players from their favorite clubs 😦

    The English media is mainly responsible for the absence of a good coach, they scare away all the bright prospects

  3. I dont think I like Crouch. Hes far overrated than what he is.. Rooney and Ferdinand’s absence also hurt..but frankly, such excuses are made everytime England loses. England should probably look to Mourinho now.

  4. @namrata : Beckham underrated ?? surely u must be joking..

    @rahul : I am a chelsea fan and agree with what u say abt Lampard. But the same can be said abt Gerrard.

  5. well ..lemme guess…u r a liverpool fan…
    gerrard should be the first one to get the boot…for reasons refer to the following video…

  6. @Bhaskara and sleeper – Crouch can cause a lot of defence problems and he is a good player.As for Beckham his off field antics have made people not take him seriously but he is a good player.His passes since his recall to the Eng squad have been pretty good.It was not until he came off the bench that Crouch could score that goal!!

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