Boring’s the Theme

I am kinda self-censoring my blog (which means no more comments on the profs a.k.a death eaters) for it has started appearing in the college blogroll. What this means is that, my entries may become as insipid as an Indo Pak cricket match (which by the way happens to be today’s point of discussion). I hope that my blog in the long run, doesn’t end up likeĀ  Sanjay ‘Neela’ Bhansali’s latest movie “Saawariya” which is being dubbed as the most boring blue film ever made (statement ‘inspired’ from Tv).

Changing track (to stem the rot), Dale Steyn looks simply awesome this season. His bowling exploits not only made him the leading wicket taker in tests this year but also made the otherwise boring series between RSA and NZ, a bit entertaining (this bit, by the way is bigger than that of Ind v Pak). I have always hated watching Indo Pak matches of late, mainly because there seems to be no professionalism on view. Both teams just turn up, play boring cricket through out the day and at the end of it, just jump on to the party bandwagon.

When on the field, each player seems to be playing accompanied with a hangover. What else can explain the recently concluded ODI series which was even less interesting than the recently held test series between Australia-Sri Lanka and South Africa-New Zealand. May be we should keep Shahrukh away from the cricket grounds because he seems to be having a lot of bad influence on the teams. The cricketers these days have started to behave as if they are in front of a camera enacting a role of a cricketer !

What’s even more excruciatingly painful is to see Sreesanth, who overcooks his role and in the process, his emotions. He has a lot to learn from Andre Nel who manages to portray this kind of a role with panache and a lot more grace.


I wanted to watch Euro 08 minus England but Russia have somehow managed to put the last nail into their own coffin (pardon the cliche).


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