Tv, Tv everywhere but not a thing to see

I spent the bygone week long vacation dreading it’s eventual end. How much more pathetic can one get ? Fortunately not more than that.
Apart from that, i spent most my time oscillating between the laptop, the desktop and the Tv (reminiscent of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ with the difference being that nothing’s actually good here, just as in the movie one might say). There was nothing much interesting on Tv excluding the second ODI, which was interesting only because of the way in which India let go of the match. I did happen to watch the mid-week mid night ‘extravaganza’ of the Champions league which was also not up to the scratch.

The channels which irk me the most these days are the 24*7 news channels. These channels start out fine but once they gain popularity, they begin romanticizing their stories. They indulge in this so much so that the plot is eventually lost much like in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s picture (by the way romanticizing here, stands for all sorts of things).

The stories these channels present are just an  hour full of thrash designed to just fill in the time. As an example, consider this scenario which occurs every time the festival of lights comes around. Prior to the festival, all these anchors line up wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali and blah blah blah blah. What happens the next day is that, they air a special program on the pollution caused due to Diwali. These people usually want to play the role of both the hero and the villain in every film. They may be excused if they do that once in a while, but that’s not exactly what they do.

Wherever there’s a hartal, a Medha Patkar follows (at least from what i see on Tv). So this woman here, seems to be so sick of her body, that she decides to go on a diet every time she gets a chance. Sadly for her, her body doesn’t seem to follow suit so often, considering the way she looks, even after all these diet free days.

Speaking of suits (not exactly), i hope that you must be well acquainted with the Tv show  ‘How I met Your Mother’. In case you aren’t,  you better suit up and start watching it, for the series is nothing short of legen(wait for it…)dary.

My friends from my college deserve some mention in my blog(modesty has rarely been my staple diet) for they came in at  third position in the all India programming contest (i think). So please put your hands together, wherever you are for these three wonderful gentlemen ( i sadly know only 1 of them and his name’s Anshuman). Whats more, they even have a chance of going to the land of Robin Scherbatsky (you people should really start watching some serious Tv) to compete at the international level. All the best folks.


They will make the trip.


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