Rubbish Gossip

Rahul Dravid scored a double century earlier today in a Ranji match, but does that mean he is ready to come back into the team. I personally don’t think so. The selectors should have made it clear, that he was dropped, not because of his poor form but because of his lack of use for the team. It may sound surprising but there’s no longer a role for Dravid in the ODI team unless Yuvraj or Uthappa get injured. The “youngsters” like Gambhir and Uthappa are on a high of late which is arguably the main reason for Dravid being dropped. Everything is relative you see.

Dravid is without a doubt, a much better batsman than either Gambhir or Uthappa but as far as the team is concerned, he is as of now, less valuable and more dispensable.Changing tracks, i would like to ask your opinion regarding which one of these two leagues of gentlemen is the most imbalanced (these gentlemen were by the way linked courtesy of the media)

League A- Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, Rahul Dravid

League B- Rafael Nadal, Wayne Rooney, Sreesanth

I personally think Nadal is extremely unlucky to be associated with such a low lying scum like Sreesanth.

Moving on, i have been fortunate enough to be able to have access to the movie library of some of my illustrious seniors who keep downloading movies all the time (some of them even before the theatrical release). So the latest movie in this genre was  the “American Gangster”, which i happened to watch a week earlier even though it was released (in US) only on Friday. Coming to the movie, it’s first half is a bit boring but it really steps up a gear or two in the second half which makes the movie the best movie i have watched, at least in the past week 🙂 . The movie, by the way stars Russel Crowe who allegedly, is going to buy a team in the Indian Premier League.

The match between Arsenal and Manchester United was actually quite similarly paced, as the movie. Speaking of the match, i had predicted a 2-2 draw and prior to that i had also predicted a 1-1 draw between Arsenal and Liverpool, may be i should start predicting more often about Arsenal’s matches. Having said that i ain’t yet ready to predict the outcome of their champions league fixture for fear of this fictitious bubble being pricked by a realistic needle.

Anyway, reading this post i feel that i have managed to keep the flavour of the season going, by making this post more interesting towards the end (at least that’s what i feel personally).


I have holidays going on, due to which i will not be able to update my blog all so often. So please search for alternate reading material in the mean time.


2 thoughts on “Rubbish Gossip

  1. I personally can’t recall any such situation where Dravid bailed out the team in an Odi in such a situation.

    Usually he was the 2nd wicket to go down

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