It doesn’t concern you

I have my end-sems from Monday but that’s not quite the reason why i haven’t posted anything of late. I was busy watching some movies over the past two days which were for a change not so bad. This ain’t self-glorification as some of you sceptics might think. Self glorification as it stands in my college as of know, is a term associated with a person who claims to be not studying.

The one thing which i would not like to do in the future is to discuss about exams here, since that’s the last thing you would want to read about in the time of exams. Having said that, i might as well report some of my own performances because that might make you feel better about yourself. It is rather unfortunate that everything in the world is relative, it always comes back to the neighbor next door. You are happy as long as you earn more than him, the moment he starts earning more, you begin cursing your job which was earlier that day God-sent.

In case you are not like the afore mentioned “you”, then may you have the fortune of not having to read this post (this is just as impossible as you not being the “you” 🙂 ). Confused ?, read again.

You always need a bad person in the society to convince yourself that you are good just as you need a poorer person to think of yourselves as rich. If i had one wish, then i would wish to become invisible because there is no fun greater than watching a person all by himself, preparing to face the society. Is truth stranger than fiction, maybe, but as far as i am concerned, the hidden traits of the people around you are the strangest things you can ever come across.

This entry may be short but usually, what you see is not exactly what you are meant to see.


2 thoughts on “It doesn’t concern you

  1. its gud 2 see that finally some one mentioned abt the act of “self-glorification”….but its really hard to maintain it durin the xms(especially 1 day before)…nywaz i am one of the capables who can do it…….nnnn thanks rahul for mentioning abt the relative scheme that is bein followed…….as this reminds me that i am not the only one of my kind….;)

  2. mm…the topic is gud ….n even ur logic ..!!!
    topic says it doesn`t concern but in the content u say it is concerned…..mmmm 😉

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