A rather self-proclaimed interesting post

The question of the day of today is, ‘Do introspection and procrastination go hand in hand ?’. If i had to reply, i would give an answer in the affirmative because i happen to introspect only when i procrastinate. Having said that, these two are a bit like thunder and lightning because we introspect only when there is no more  room for procrastination. It’s just like thunder which can be heard only after there is no further sign of the lighting it was supposed to accompany.

We actually do a lot of stupid things but we worry only about a few of them. Why is that ?, it may be because you don’t have some big-wig words associated with those other activities. It is no secret that our vocabulary plays a big role in the way we look at things. So the moment you learn a word like “procrastination”, you immediately realize what you have been doing wrong all these days.

This post may be amusing but it’s surely boring. So to lighten this up, let me tell you about a conversation i am having with my friend as i write this. This friend of mine happened to ask me how many chicks i have (forgive the defamation ,girls , if any).  How can he claim to be my friend if he doesn’t know the answer to that.

He may have erred then but what he came up with next was spot on (well kinda). He said that my features weren’t mature enough and that i was more like a kid. I know that it is very easy to disagree with him with all the beard and the moustache, not to forget the large frame, but beneath all those bushes is a face which does look immature at times, to me as well.

What’s even more interesting is that i myself happen to go with a self-proclaimed nick of “kid”, which fortunately or unfortunately happens to have made no kind of impression on my friends (few of them scoffed at it, but that was it). The reason behind my self-proclamation however is, i  just liked the word “kid”.


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