Lame Observations

The biggest draw back of my blog (at least according to me) is that it doesn’t concentrate upon a particular topic. It keeps wavering between sports, college and academics. I personally like writing about sports because i am more at home with that topic and also there is always something going on in that sphere which makes it all the more easy to update my blog every other day.

Having said that, my posts relating sports don’t do well at the B.O just like RGV’s movies. On the other hand, the posts relating to college and acads more often than not, turn out into blockbusters (not really, they are more like average grossers). Why does this happen , maybe you don’t give a damn about sports or maybe you have better sources of information or maybe i should really stop using this “maybe” routine (as far as i can recollect, this is the third time that i have used this “maybe” routine).

The other director who seems to be in sync with RGV is M. Night Shyamalan. Both of them had an excellent start to their careers but only to self-destruct. These days, one of them rolls out a movie every other week-end from his factory while the other just sits about waiting for a production studio to back him up. Maybe a joint venture between these two erstwhile directors can help them in realizing how awful they have become in recent times.

So what does this have to do with my blog ? absolutely nothing. That’s what i am talking about, the beauty(excuse me) of my blog lies in it’s unexpected behavior. Here’s an  other interesting opinion, the length of a movie can be estimated by the time one takes to pee. The longer the movie, the longer one pees( law applicable only in a movie theater). So the next time you notice a person (not that you will) taking a long pee, you can safely assume that he has been to a karan Johar or yash Chopra production. You will have to be very lucky to catch a RGV fan taking a pee in the theatre because his movies are usually short and even if they are long, every one will leave at the interval. The threshold limit for his movies is usually 1 hr.


will be up pretty soon.


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