Lacklustre round up of a Fabulous sporting week-end

Hamilton did all that he could (and finally succeeded) to prevent himself from winning the drivers’ championship, but no one’s complaining. I was from the first, apprehensive about a rookie winning the championship because it doesn’t bode well for the “experienced” campaigners and the sport itself. Fortunately, Lewis choked big time and that’s the only thing which can justify him losing the championship to a guy who was 17 points behind him with two races to go.

A commentator towards the end of the race,,cheekily (but rightly) pointed out that Alonso was relieved to lose to Kimi rather than Lewis. No one can blame the poor guy for he was the defending champion and losing his title to his rookie team-mate would have been humiliation unparallel.

Having said this, there is still a decision to be made by the FIA regarding the fuel irregularities of BMW and Williams. If they get stripped of their positions, then Lewis will undeservingly become the world champion. The race stewards had dismissed the case due to lack of evidence but then, FIA is infamous for all it’s dubious decisions, so i guess we will have to wait and see.

Moving on, South Africa won the rugby world cup(as predicted 🙂 ) beating England 15-6 in the final. Amazingly, there were no tries in the whole match but who cares as long as RSA keeps winning. Speaking of South Africa, they did manage to lose against Pakistan (in cricket) courtesy of Pollock who ran out Morkel, when they were cruising towards an improbable win.

Nalbandian beat Federer in the Madrid Masters final but it was not a big surprise seeing the way in which Nalbandian was playing through out the tournament.

On a personal front:-

First it was the La Liga season and now this F1 season, am i living a dream ?

Both of them were simply superb and the scripts they ran on would have been dismissed as far-fetched were they not happening for real. I would have been gutted, had i been supporting either Barcelona or Lewis but i am ecstatic, for i supported Real Madrid and Kimi. Too bad i had no one to share my joy with, as i was the only person watching TV at home on both occasions.


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