Its about something about something

I had earlier thought of writing an extensive report about the over-the-top security situation deployed in the campus in the wake of the on going military games next door but fortunately or unfortunately that moment has passed courtesy of my week-end break. Quite a long and boring sentence,huh.

Coming to the point, a certain chain-reaction was initiated by a psychotic death-eater who sent out a mail claiming that certain restrictions on our movements were unavoidable because of the rather liberal movements of terrorists in the city. What followed this was pure entertainment, for the mails which were sent out after that were the most sincerely stupid mails i have come across in the intranet.

To cite a few, one of them claimed that such rules were the perfect foil to ‘kill’ research and that these rules if deployed would only be instrumental in preventing them(or rather us) from completing their/our work before deadline. From what i have seen so far, deadlines in this campus are highly flexible which stretch on and on and on (can’t stress enough) much to my horror. I am really terrified of these elastic deadlines  because they never let go even if you want to go. Coming to research, i sometimes wonder if i am in the same college as they are, because in my college, research is done only by a few balding people who have already lost everything (hair inc).

The mail which i found the most senseless was one which argued that giving a vacation was the best remedy to sort out this mess “brought about by the tensions arising out of such high security areas”.


South Africa to beat England in a nail biting fought Rugby world cup final, notwithstanding the rout they had earlier inflicted on the Englishmen in the opening round. This is the first time ever, i am being optimistic about a South African team. ( Too bad it ain’t being telecast on Tv)


First you had a problem with insecurity, now it’s with security. What’s wrong with you people 🙂


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