Confessions of an Insecure dud(e)

Why am i insecure ? I had nothing to do with this word until a few days back when i happened to catch it on TV . The idiot box (pardon my cliche`) claimed that a insecure person is one who thinks himself to be smarter than he actually is and in addition also has a tendency to criticize others rather unfairly. I don’t think that i managed to convey the exact definition but anyway when i first heard it, i thought that i was perfect for the role of an insecure guy. So that explains the presence of insecurity in the title, the other part concerning dud(e) should become quite clear by the time you finish reading.

The credit for this non-sporting post should surely go to the teaching assistant who in a fit of over-zealousy (may be i got a bit over-zealous in creating this unknown term) mailed the marks list of my recently concluded mid-semester examination. Me being me, i usually don’t go to collect my answer scripts for fear of association of my face with my performance (not that he cares, but anyway). So i usually don’t know how many marks i got in my exams. This time around he did send the marks list, i did see it and the rest, as they say is history.

They say that people get scared after seeing their marks but ironically i didn’t get marks, i got a SINGLE mark!! I would have felt much better with a zero under my belt than with a solitary unit, too weak even to withstand my stinking breath (my breath doesn’t actually stink in practice, that’s the only fictional part in this non-fictional post). So anyway, i can only wonder how he gave me a [1] for that paper. If you happen to be wondering, my answers were pure fiction created in the spur of the moment.

The Aftermath :-

scene 1: somewhere deep inside the drain (read brain)

enter dude and dud

Dude – what’s all this crap man, wassup wid ya ?

Dud – the part of you which thinks that this is crap, is crap

Dude- Huh, what did you just say ?

Dud- never mind, you are too cool to understand anything which makes sense

Dude- whatever man, what do you want me to do, sit down and cry !

Dud- just stop pretending like you don’t really care

Dude- look who’s talking, aren’t you the one trying to redeem your lost pride through this shit

Dud- don’t blame me ! we are both equally responsible for this shit

Dude- shit man , you just said shit, am i dreaming ?

Dud- does that really matter in these troubling times

Dude- I don’t see any troubling times around, i bet you to show me one

Dud- haha, you think you are funny, don’t you ?

Dude- why are you ‘troubled’ ? Is it because of your past performance or is it because of your potential future hard-ships.    Anyway i don’t care coz i live in the present and everything’s serene here.

Dud- now what, philosophy ? I got some news for ya, shove your dumb philosophy up your even dumber ass

x-The End-x

psst:- Only one scene was enacted in loving memory of my solitary mark


3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Insecure dud(e)

  1. Let me confess one thing before i comment anything specifically about this blog..Your blogs are the most humorous blogs i ever read (i do read quite a few blogs ). Me being a iiitian, i can even more closely relate to the incidents you narrate.
    Coming to this paticular blog.. I never thought you could get insecure just because of an exam for which you had not prepared seriously.
    Cheer up man…Damn to the fucking academics taught by sucking professors. You have got that ability to entertain people with your pen (should i say keyboard?).
    A Rahul will be a great writer,blogger,philosopher.

  2. firstly ,Well leave marks man they suck both when u get and when u dont….enjoy ur solo onique (unique)
    mark which is an omen for ur coming 1st in upcoming
    tests….secondly shutdown ur damn tv channel ……..rahul u and ur 1 rocks man !!

  3. Being insecure has got nothing to do with my performance in my exam, they are not related. It’s just that i brought them up unfortunately at the same time.

    Coming to your prediction, i hope it ain’t as off target as mine are.

    Vishnu- don’t blame the tv man( it’s the only thing i have :)). As a matter of fact i happen to recollect that i read it in a book, not on Tv

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