Blowing cold

I write this post wondering whether I burned my tongue or the roof my mouth. The culprit was by the way, not a hot lady (raunchy thoughts, huh), it was just some really hot food. The taste was anything but hot, but then what can one expect in a canteen of a research institute. If anything, my performance in the gone-by exams was as tasteless as the aforementioned food.

I know that you don’t give a damn about my screwed up grades, so why should I ? (wish it was really that easy). Anyway, I would like to elaborate a bit on my quite dumb exploits during the course of the exams. First of all, gone are the days when classes were the only ones I attended for attendance, these days it seems that I even attend exams just for the sake of attendance. The only thing which I seem to get right in the examination hall is my signature on the attendance sheet.

This may feel funny but it damn sure ain’t funny. So what do I do during the whole exam?, I just keep pondering over how I managed to get myself into such a hopeless situation in the first place. Maybe this place ain’t for me, maybe I am so irresponsible,  maybe I should work hard the next time, or maybe I should just stop this non-sensical chain of maybe’s.

Whatever I do or don’t (do), this blog will keep getting updated as long as I continue to stay in this non-hot college of mine. I am actually quite amazed that terrorists haven’t struck during the past week when festivities reached a feverish high state.


Australia to beat India in Bangalore.


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