What the Haq

What happened was nothing short of a sub-continental tragedy, which quite frankly made the match a parody of a “world cup” final. I know very well that some of you might label this match as the “greatest ever” but then it wasn’t so enthralling for a neutral like me.

The way in which Misbah-Ul-Haq got out after playing a mature innings typifies the complete match. The contest was lop-sided for most of the second innings and the way in which the Indians allowed them to crawl back was not worthy of champions.

I personally think that Misbah is a big choker. He had earlier managed not to score off the last two balls and now this. On a more positive note, this match saw me predicting the right result for the first time.

So all of you Indian fans, drop your pants and dance away into the night coz you really deserve it for being such loyal supporters.

I hate to say it but – Chak De India !!


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