Unworthy of a title

I always get that feeling of envy whenever i watch the people involved with Discovery channel. The reason not being their abundant uni-dimensional knowledge but the jobs they get to do. If i had it my way, then i would happily roam about as a part of their exploration entourage provided, they don’t ask me to do the adrenaline pumping stuff (i am a born coward). I wouldn’t even care for salary if provided with such an opportunity, which by the way is the only driving force for all professional geeks (opinions may vary).

So what is it that these non-geeks do ? (Geeks for me covers all people who work in the confines of a building). They just walk about happily in wilderness narrating something about the significance of some things which are unfortunately completely insignificant for the worthless money making clan of “professionals”.

Having made some second-person observations, let me now step into the shoes of the first-person for a thankfully short duration. The first observation i make is regarding the human style of walking. I happen to believe that we move our hands in sync with our legs because we evolved from creatures which used to walk on all fours and since, old habits die hard, we are yet to stop moving our hands even though we needn’t to.

On a more personal front, i happen to know three languages but when it comes to talking, i use only one. I do use the other two, but i happen to write more than i speak, in those languages. Having said/written that, i would also like to acquaint myself with Punjabi simply because it is an amusingly funny dialect.


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