They ain’t Chokers (anymore)

Every time a major cricketing event comes about, the only thing the papers talk about while referring to RSA is that “the time has come for them to shed their chokers’ tag”. Come on !, give them a break, they don’t deserve that tag anymore. Gone are those days of despair, when they somehow managed to choke on the D-day after having dominated right through the tournament.

These days they hardly make it to the D-day, not because they are choking at a premature stage, but because they just don’t have  enough ammunition in their bowling department to back up their ever so inconsistent batting line-up. The quota system in prevalance as of know only seems to be adding to their vows.

Speaking of quota, i wonder how Thsabalala made it into the team in the first place. The way he bowls is just like a lullaby to the opposition’s batsmen.

Looks like nature’s conspiring against me as well. As it stands right now, i will be unable to watch the match due to disruption caused to the cable lines by lightning.


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