Holy gay!!, I’m Straight

Before i begin, i would like to say that, my professors’ bald heads are more interesting than the subjects they teach. Unfortunately for you people, i have nothing more to add on this as i have completely run out of demeaning phrases.

Changing tracks…

As it so very often happens on Orkut, i got a not so anonymous scrap from an anonymous person. The thing which makes it worth mentioning is, not the true identity of the anonymous guy but the ambiguity of his expressions as seen from the point of view of his scrap.

The scrap went something like ” hii sexy, your profile is cool, but you are hot, how about becoming friends “.(It was actually a bit longer and a bit more obscene, i had deleted it immediately due to which i can’t recall the complete details). To clarify things a lil bit, no picture of mine is available on the web, so his views can be classified under fiction (at least until he sees me :)). The thing in question however isn’t how sexy i am, but what were his intentions.

The first thought that crossed my mind was pertaining the homosexual content in the scrap, but then in the positive sense,it might well be an in-experienced user of the English language who thinks that branding people sexy is a nice and easy way to pave way for friendship. These type of things usually happen when you use a foreign language. Actually, i am quite sure that most of you interpret my writings in a way different from mine, which may basically be attributed to the fact that I indulge in malapropism quite a lot.

Moving back to the contentious topic of homo-sexuality (luckily it ain’t so conspicuous in India), i thought that it was restricted to the African-American tribes of USA and to some European countries. (But as you all know, the world doesn’t adhere to my ideology)
As i say this, there happens to be a gay roaming amongst my not so unsuspecting batch mates. I shall not even begin to mention his name, but i can very well give you the name of my friend, PDSR, who happens to know a thing or two about the infamous exploits of the aforementioned person.

P.S:- If i had it my way, then i would banish all these crooked people to timbuktu.


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