On the verge of losing it

The other day i happened to receive a mail from one of the death-eaters which went like ” your batch’s performance has really been awful, so be prepared to repeat this course next year”. Now hold on sir, first of all, your course comprises of nothing but reproducing a circuit already existent on the web. So what the eff (thought of cutting out the slang, eff here stands for FUCK by the way) are you yelling at ?

It’s true that people like me can’t even do that, but your course doesn’t deserve a second try. There are other courses which i can think of tolerating for the second time, but if you ask me to repeat your course then i am pretty sure that my already precarious mental scale will shift permanently towards insanity.On that effingly sane note, i would like to end this one to one conversation.

Moving away from my impending date with insanity, let me share with you my views on a certain mythological being, born on this day. Funnily enough, i am discussing this, only to emphasize my hatred towards this guy (or whatever you wish to call him). The reason for my inbuilt hatred towards him, stems from the way in which he plotted the killing of my favorite mythological creation namely Karna.

So to sum up my post so far, i have criticized two beings quite unfairly, but then have you ever seen me praise anything ?

Ain’t it ironic that this post should follow up my clarification where i mentioned that my posts aren’t the byproducts of my frustration ?

Guess what, this one IS.


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