Cheap Shots

May be i should begin by apologizing for posting only two posts in the week gone by. I am, as a matter of fact quite prepared for that, with a bunch of excuses eagerly waiting to justify the slackness exhibited by me. First of all, the past week saw the beginning of the Natwest series, then there was a problem with LAN and more importantly many of my friends opined that i didn’t have to update my blog so very often.

They even went on to point a finger (or rather criticized) at my tendency to express myself more through my writings than actual verbal conversations. So as a response to their feed-back, i have decided to point one (finger) back at them, but not the index to begin (shades of Slim Shady).

Shahrukh declared quite proudly in his movie that ” woh kya hain, hamare hockey mein chakke nahin hote” , then what was he doing there in the first place. I would have dis-agreed with his satire on cricket except for the fact that there have been many a instance in recent times which show the questionable attitude of cricketers.

Top on my hit-list would be Jack Kallis who declared that he was contemplating his future with the South African cricket and that he had other offers waiting on the table. Doesn’t playing for your country mean anything to you ? If all that you care about is money, then why don’t you get yourself enrolled in your country’s infamous club of criminals. I am sure that you will earn much more than you do at present, but the only thing is that you would have to improve your running between the wickets.

No wonder the New-Zealand cricket board wants the ICC to recognize ICL, so that they don’t lose their star players (who also happen to be money gobbling whores). Now that i have delivered my fair share of cheap shots, let me share with you some of the cheap shots taken by others.

Top on this list have to be the terrorists who have taken yet another shot at claiming the lives of the not so innocent people. What’s even cheaper is the way in which they execute these cheap missions. They planted 21 bombs of which only 2 exploded !! Taking into account their efficiency,it looks like they have done their graduation in electronics from my college.


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