Thou Shalt be criticised, execise Caution

The first two papers that i faced were so easy that i felt like a batsman dismissed without having faced a ball on a belter of a pitch. I don’t know what the death-eaters had in mind whilst preparing the question papers.

Hold on my dear “friends”, you needn’t cast your green eye upon me, for i have only managed to churn out yet another insipid performance at the examinations (which i am sure would make you selfish buggers happy). By the way, i had always had this tendency to term papers damn easy even though i could score only 50% in them.

Come on my dear friends, you and i know very well that the only way to proceed forward is by trampling others. So please don’t even bother to bring up this topic when you meet me the next time and more-over, never try to justify your selfish actions because they would only make you look even more Scroogy.This ain’t a personal crusade, i am just writing this to fill up some of the lines of my usually light-hearted blog.

I am sure that this blog won’t go down well, because you happen to be filled to the brim with arrogance, to swallow this bitter pill. The thing which really irritates me is your lack of courage to tell the truth. Why will i give a shit to how you perform, so why not tell the truth!!!!!

I know that you don’t deserve this criticism, but what to do,this happens to be the theme of this blog. Exploring these sort of negative thoughts is bound to expand the horizon of my blog. Don’t even begin to think that i am in a foul temper, as a matter of fact i am over-joyed at my new found ability of making others feel dumb ( and myself dumber). If you happen to think that i am lying, then i guess that’s just a reflection of your cockiness.

Never ever think that you can read the other guy’s feelings because you are, after all just a mortal stuck in a world filled with hypocrites. I would have liked to make this one a bit more humorous, but then it would have stolen the sting of my verbal volleys.


Three cheers people, i meant no offense whatever, for i live a wonderful life in a wonderful world filled with wonders like you (don’t even begin to think that i meant it)


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