Nothin Official

As you might know, i had earlier bragged about how my college had made an offer which even Mr.APJ couldn’t refuse. It turned out that he was obliged to attend the function only because he has got himslf enrolled as a distinguished faculty member. As a matter of fact, the flag was hoisted much before his arrival. Had he come any earlier, he would have been treated to the visual of awkwardness personified which kinda epitomizes the capabilities of our physical training staff. By the way, the flag was hoisted by our Director. (Don’t you see, Mr.APJ is after all just a faculty member who is supposed to work under him).

His speech was so artificial that it looks like he has already inculcated the the official spirit of our teaching staff. It was quite evident that he was not acting natural,the moment a prepared speech was kept in front of him. The speech was supposed to be tailor-made for the IT industry but as it turned out even the witty comedic additions by Mr.Kalam couldn’t rescue the script.

He also said that a ignited mind is the greatest resource one can find either above or below or on the earth’s surface.

Well, i will have to end now since i have exams from tomorrow and writing a lengthy blog wouldn’t justify their presence.


I don’t know why people tend to think that i ‘was’ studious during my school days. Maybe the fact that i got decent marks most of the time , has something to do with it. As far as i am concerned, me getting 95% in the board was just a paradox. Marks aside, nothing has changed in the way i look at studies or the way in which studies look at me.


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