The case of the missing grammar

As soon as i glanced at the Times today, i had a big smile on my face because of the quotation which read “Nothing worth learning, can be taught”, so why bother to attend classes in the first place.

Quite recently, i was asked to confirm (by an unknown person) whether i was “the dosa guy” back in my school days.To put things in perspective, i don’t eat break-fast anymore mainly because it eats into 15 minutes of my sleep (looks like my grammar has gone shopping).Coming back to dosa, i do remember my awkward style of eating it, which involved a full fledged dosa  being gulped in a single go accompanied by water.Whats even more distasteful (in my case) is that the  afore mentioned person claimed that he remembers me only because of that!!.

I am afraid that i have some bad news for… myself. My first encounter with the CAT didn’t go all too well today as i was left scratching my head more often than not mainly because of the ambiguous questions. Let me simulate one such situation.

1) State whether the following statements are facts or judgements?

a) Safin is the idealistic idol.

b)Bollywood lacks brains.

c)My blogs are entertaining.

As far as i am concerned, all of them would be facts[:)] which might not be the case(sadly) with you.

The things which were not fashionable but became so because of a charismatic performer :-

a) Eating like a swine ( Brad Pitt in the Ocean series)

b)Crying (Federer)

c)Double-crossing (Pirates)
d)Cutting everything short [:)] ( like this list)

In the present century, one of the most mysterious trends has been the relationship between the female skirt length and her economic condition.


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