Authorised Personal (well…some of it)

In case you haven’t noticed it is Personal ( not personnel !!), anyway don’t fret coz it makes no difference. Speaking of spellings, we (with me being an exception of course) tend to fumble up a lot of them, like for example ,the other day i happened to notice a friend of mine greet the other one “many happy writtens of the day” (i don’t think that was intentional).

Looks like Mr.Abdul Kalam is going to come to our college on Independence day.Frankly speaking, we made an offer which he couldn’t resist, which was hoisting the Indian flag on Independence day. What’s even better is that he is going to take lectures for a week every year here. Oh oh, i even forgot to introduce Mr.Kalam, he happens to be the former President of India who was dumped unceremoniously for refusing to be a rubber-stamp. What’s more shameful is that he was succeeded by a scum bag who happens to have come loaded with a bagful of scams.

This was supposed to be personal right, but thus far it hasn’t been. Maybe i should have saved the title for another day [:)]. The other day when my friend asked me what i do usually the whole day , i wasn’t even able to give an answer. May be i should hire a chartered accountant to help me in keeping an account on how i spend my time.

May be i should keep a tab on my life by not opening too much tabs while i browse the net ( does the last one make the cut as a phatta?, waiting for your comments)

Movies not worth watching this week-end:-

Next,Vacancy,Captivity,Perfect Stranger,Hannibal Rising


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