Sectarian Violence Rages on

As you must be aware, the conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shias continue to burn unabated, fueled on by the bloods of the Iraqis but the good news happens to be that we are not here to discuss that. For all of those interested in Iraqi politics, this is where you should take your leave.

I would like to introduce to you a certain “Shia Labeouf” who i didn’t know even existed until about ten days back. So in order to make amends, i have watched three of his movies over the past two days namely “Transformers”, “Disturbia” and “Constantine”.I had in fact watched Constantine for the second time(which is quite an achievement considering the movie reviews which went something like “Constantine didn’t want to go to hell, so he sent the audience instead”) only to notice the presence of this guy.

The last week also saw the release of the third installment of the Bourne saga. As a matter of fact, it has opened to the highest box office collections ever, for a movie released in august (fact brought to you by wikipedia). I have always been a fan of the Bourne series mainly because they seem realistic excluding the fact that the lead character changes countries more often than his clothes.


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