Vulgarity inc (censored version)

The other day i happened to receive a mail from the PG students which went as ” We too have feelings, and if you (i.e UG) don’t stop taunting us, appropriate action will be taken”. Wow, they too have feelings !, that was news to me, i always thought that they were dumb, to join here to do their post-graduation. I guess that my chances of being a mascot of my college have gone up in smoke with that statement.

Looks like the quality of my blogs (as far as i am concerned) is coming tumbling down much like the form of erstwhile Marat Safin (amazing that i have never mentioned him till now). So i have decided to incorporate some vulgar/humorous statements made by someone else to stem the downfall of my blog albeit temporarily.

1) The three greatest tragedies of my life- life sucks, job sucks but wife doesn’t.

2) I was so stunned at looking the prices, that my balls inter changed their positions.

3) If you work hard, you will rise as fast as a twelve year old’s dick (stole it from myself).

Too bad that i have managed to cut, copy, paste only three of them .

Now that my blog is bound to receive some attention, let me move on to some U/A topics. First of all, no one has shown that he has the guts ( or rather balls (in A-version)) to criticise my blogs. So i have decided to do it myself

1) It ain’t crispy.

2) I tend to explain everything (like a spoon-feading school teacher).

3) I play to the gallery all too often.

4)My writings are self-conscious.

5) I have inculcated vulgar to stem the rot, much like the Bollywood movies which believe “only Sharukh and Sex sell”.

Speaking of criticism,they say that the worst criticism any literary work can get is “it is full of cliches”. Not surprisingly, i was a recipient of this tag in my ninth standard itself (does that make me a child prodigy ?)

I am sure that the uncensored version of this blog would have come as a nasty surprise to you all , so i have decided to give you time until the next week to digest it.

pss…:- It(the original one) ain’t as vulgar as i make it out to be (isn’t it?)


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