Van the man for Man Utd (only sports here)

If you happen to be sleeping for the past two years, then there is every chance that you might think that i am referring to Van Nistelrooy but time moves on and so do football players.

The player in question happens to be Edwin Van Der Sar who helped Manchester United win the season opening community shield (by saving a hat-trick of unimaginative penalty kicks)which is played between the team which wins the EPL and the team which wins the FA cup. I don’t have the patience to write about what happens if the same team wins both the trophies( try to google it šŸ™‚ ). In any case , i am assuming that you don’t know anything about the beautiful game.

Moving on , Hamilton won his third race of the season in Hungary mainly because of the over-zeal exhibited by Alonso in the qualifying session which saw him penalised . The race was completely uneventful,so much so that Massa who started on 14 ended up at 13. The reason why he started at 14 was because his team had forgotten to re-fuel his car (talk about man made disasters).

Last and the least, Kent won their first ever twenty-20 cup by beating a team which rallied about on the shoulders of a traitor( namely Hamish Marshall). It seems that being a traitor is the best that can happen to a cricketer these days.


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