Know Title

I am getting an eerie feeling that this blog is going to be like a desi soap (short way of saying that it has no plot and is going to be painfully lengthy) maybe i should think of a title that begins with a K. It is not my fault that i don’t have a single topic to write about, the blame more or less lies on ………(you should know by now) for disabling my ability of concentration. I know that i have reiterated this point n (n>11) number of times but the fact remains that the achievements of “you know who” cannot be under-mined and more importantly (as in my case) can’t be stressed enough.

To save myself from the ignominy of using the “you know who” phrase all too often, i am going to refer to them as death-eaters (shamelessly adopted from the adventures of Harry Potter). The other day , it so happened that a death-eater kept glancing at the watch every five minutes. I being an optimist thought that he was inculcating some human feelings of boredom , but to my surprise it turned out that he was waiting for the right moment to conduct a quiz.

The problem with having good ring-tones is that you allow your cell phone to ring and ring and ring until the caller decides to cut the crap. Too bad he doesn’t realise the immense enjoyment we derive in his moments of agony.

The good thing about being born in a middle class family is that you get to experience both sides of our economy.

The examples which i had stated earlier were not so clever, so i was forced to cut them out in this edited version.I realise that if i go on further, it might be as dumb as a dead guy coming back alive to say his own version of what had happened.


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