Do soundtracks make sound movies??

I wake up every thursday accompanied by a foul temper and today was no exception.  It’s not that i have some type of a grudge against this day, it’s just that we have a EC lab where we are supposed to give a demo of our  “fully functional circuit”. Let alone the demo, i usually don’t even have the demo version of the design.

Do soundtracks have a bearing on the final outcome of a film ? . I happen to be speaking not about the ones which commemorate your departure from the theatre but those which bind your senses during the course of a movie. I felt like discussing this because ,just the other day i happened to watch a movie which had a fantastic background score but sadly had nothing more.

The movie in question happens to be “Requiem for a dream” which deals (or rather tries to) with various types of addictions mainly relating to drugs. I don’t know why but i happen to like such movies(Traffic in particular). Where this movie lost out was, in it’s depiction of sexual abuse which was completely unnecessary.

Interestingly,all movies of Quentin Tarantino manage to pack quite a punch when it comes to the musical department. I don’t mean to imply that we need music to pack a punch, an example being The Pianist which literally thunders through it’s not so loud descriptions.

Before i go, i would like to inform you that i have been asked to tame my enthusiasm towards blogging ( now , that makes me wonder)


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