An overseas win

So then, India has won yet again an overseas test to go 1 up in the series, which is amusingly dis-heartening considering the previous outcomes of the occurence of such events (i happen to be reading probability). Having said that, i am pretty sure that India will win the series mainly because of the insipid English middle-order which leaves us guessing about its whereabouts most of the time.

Unfortunately , the man of the moment Zaheer Khan chose the wrong moment to become a brand ambassador for jelly-beans by “confessing” that they fueled his fiery performance. Seriously speaking, doesn’t playing for the nation give one all the required motivation .

I have received information through some non-reliable sources that CAT takes into account one’s prior academic performances. Now, that is bound to motivate me(hopefully) to perform better in my exams albeit from the next sem because the present sem is simply and embarrassingly a tough one to comprehend.

I would like to log out by sharing with you some of my “poetry”.

this poem ain’t mine
for i have had no wine
to accept this swine
as a creation of my mind

this place is not
to which i belong
all it does
is make me freedom long

bound by a treaty
i unwillingly do my duty
which ain’t a beauty

wish i had a bounty
on my head
to rescue me from this place
complete with stupidity


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