Pardon me

Over the past three days (during which i haven’t written a post) , i have been receiving a lot of hate mail (one to be precise and it was not even a mail) addressing me to get on with my job which according to some, happens to be writing posts. It may sound funny people, but my existence ain’t limited to the blogosphere.

You may be surprised to hear this, but i do live an ordinary life  (outside IIIT of course) during which i check into a rehab center every week-end.  This center happens to be my home where i am counselled every week-end regarding the importance  of  CGPA and some other trivial stuff which i don’t even bother to re-collect. The moral of the story is that don’t expect me to write a post on week-ends which kinda implies that i have time for blogs only in the campus.

Changing track,the convocation addresses by the dignataries were way below par for i cannot even recall a single innovative phrase used by the aforementioned. Speaking of innovative statements, let me share with you one from the movie “Departed” which goes something like ” If you work hard, then you will rise as fast as a 12 year old’s dick “. There is no need to feel offended as sex education is going to become a part of our school curriculum and such phrases may well become the spicy ingredients of our school pledge.

Speaking of graduation, i sort of graduated from a nokia 6030 to a 6300 which happens to have a really cool display screen alongside a 2 mega pixel camera . Too bad that the camera screams every time i take a picture. It would have been much better if it made no sound and in the process warn the prey.

Iraq have won the Asian cup (hurray!) for the first time ever in their history and Saddam Hussain deserves some praise for not interfering with the game (may be inaccurate). It would be something of a miracle if every squad member manages to hold on to his life till next year, considering the efficiency of the US peace keepers.

On a more selfish front, why don’t i have a testimonial ? If i don’t deserve it, then you can at least write one praising or criticizing my blogging skills.


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