Playing to the Gallery

I thought of not posting a post today lest it may become some kind of a stereotype but then who am i to decide what i do !!

I was literally forced to write another one mainly to extinguish the raging doubts in my readers’ minds regarding the authenticity of my posts. The literary expressions may be a bit exaggerated but they stick faithfully to my experiences and feelings. If you are wondering what this crap is all about, then please refer to the title.

The thing is that, right now i am confident that you will read any crap that i post (not that i will) and i am just making the full use of my blogging acumen much like the Arctic Monkeys who released an album titled ” Who The Fuck are Arctic Monkeys ” just to cash in on their new found popularity following the release of their ground breaking debut album. Unfortunately their over-zealous marketing skills were critized by their counter-parts. But the good thing about that was ,their fans responded in an enthusiastic manner (hope you got it  🙂 )

I guess that this blog has been the only one so far which has been faithful to it’s title.


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