Coldplay and crowded buses

The first thing i decided to do today was to tame the wild nature of my moustache which had encroached into the ” no-hair ” zone.  Unfortunately, symmetry deserted me at a crucial stage and i ended up with a moustache which looked as if  Hitler and Chaplin were on one side and Mangal Pandey and Veerapan on the other. I guess the tug of war between these stalwarts will last well into the week-end [:)].

These blogs of mine have so far run on my beginner’s enthusiasm but since i am no longer a beginner, it is kinda up to you readers, to keep me going. Anyway, let me introduce my Probability professor who believes that one should torture themselves in order to gain pleasure (typical of a psycho don’t you think). He also sounds a bit like spidey’s uncle the exception being that, he says ” with greater pressure comes greater responsibility”.

Enroute to  secretariat from my college, i had the privelage of listening to Coldplay while negotiating the various pit falls associated with an over crowded bus . It atleast helped me in removing the frown off my face. On the return journey, i was unfortunate to be bestowed with the honour of travelling with a drunkard who kept reiterating to one of his wives (no wonder he was drunk) that he wasn’t biased towards either of them, and the songs which he was singing were a far cry from those of Coldplay. I got so intoxicated by his presence that i gleefully got down much before my destination and made my way back walking in the company of Arctic Monkeys.

Do you remember those days, when we would flock around the enclosure of the hippo waiting for it to yawn and we were the ones yawning after a while ???

Well, we at IIIT Hyd are extremely proud to present to you, the most distinguished profs who have toiled away all these years to find a flawless solution to this problem. They have experimented on us so many times that even a dead man would yawn in the confines of his coffin in their presence.

For more information on our profs do check out our web-page which prides itself in the research being done here.


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