Critics create the coarse course of my blogs

Looks like my friends just can’t get enough of me [:)].  They have suggested me to write more about myself rather than my views on general topics. It sounds fair enough but then, the blog would end up being a public diary stripped off the really personal details which in the first place make diaries more enticing to look back upon.

Anyway, what the heck, i am writing this just to spend away the surplus time which if not spent, may cause me to pay tax. So  from today onwards i will write mostly about myself ,until a new suggestion turns up . After all, blogging is just about bragging and all that matters is whether you can enthrall your audience for the brief but expensive amount of time they spend on reading your blog.

My first attempt at describing Life at IIIT was a runaway  success especially with the English professor going gaga over my “humorous descriptions”. The irony of it all was that, my report gained some well-deserved attention only when one of my friends submitted the report under his own name, with my permission of course. I had earlier submitted that very same report in the first semester but my English professor didn’t make much fuss about it. Later on, when my friend submitted it in the second semester to another English professor, it achieved its well deserved credit with the prof showering accolades on the creativity of the author (the prof had by the way, found out that my friend had copied it and when told that it had been penned down by a certain Rahul, she couldn’t even recollect my face according to the witnesses).

Incidentally, when i had first submitted a rough draft , the only talking points were two phrases which went something like ” C programming is a big pain in the ass/ arse (can’t recollect which one i used!!!)”  and  “Jeevan Vidya Sucks” (which by the way is something  that is exclusive to our institute). The first phrase was a victim of censorship and unfortunately couldn’t make it to the final draft.

Moving to sports, India were saved from the blushes of losing to an England team which happens to be with not even a single bowler who played a role in the immortal ashes series of 2005, and speaking  of the England cricket team, they seem to be following the premiership teams when it comes to squad selections with players of foreign origin out numbering the “local” players. There might come a day when they transform into a Arsenal who happen to play in the premiership with not even a single English player in their starting eleven.


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