My peers think that i am a lazy guy but the truth (acc to me at least) happens to be that i myself undermine my efforts where as they tend to glorify their achievements, when it comes to the field of hard work.

With that matter settled, let me share my views regarding the fat paychecks which are being rolled out to the IT professionals these days. Frankly speaking, they  don’t deserve it especially in a poor country like India,  notwithstanding the “high” growth rates of GDP and other related stuff. I am saying this because i am personally involved in one such “highly rated” IT institute  and the work which we do wouldn’t even classify as work if compared with the jobs that other people do.

I personally feel that farmers should receive a higher amount than we people just because they do the most important  work of the society which incidentally also happens to be the toughest. The way in which they are made to live their lives is terrible and the way in which they end it is even more so. One may rubbish his troubles and chide him for being illiterate but the truth is, there would be no farmers if they get education since they would gleefully join the IT circus then.

Speaking of education, we should move over from capitalism to communism mainly because the “better” ones keep getting the better oppurtunities where as the not so fortunate ( or unfortunate) ones get stuck with the next best options.

Coming to sports, Argentina have somehow conspired to choke once again on the big stage against the lacklustre  Brazilians  who earlier in the season had to sweat it out to earn a draw against an  equally insipid England team which can do well by borrowing some Irish spirit who are making waves in the cricketing circles with their performances.


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