Gone are those over-populated days when lack of family planning was the buzz word for every problem faced by our society.The present situation calls for a restriction on the number of automobiles that a family can own, preferably a car per family .

The above restriction might be unthinkable for the ” creamy ” layer of the society but if we don’t take such drastic steps then we wouldn’t be able to take even a single step forward in the already over-whelmed road ways of Hyderabad. More importantly,the lone beneficiary of such traffic snarls happens to be our rather under-estimated friend Mr.Pollution, who with his ever-expanding wealth can buy all of our lives when we are auctioned by our very own earth.

Once that’s done, we can anxiously look forward to the settling of various law suits filed by messrs, Hell and Heaven over the legality of the ownership of our souls.

Unrelated Irony:- The most happening phrase in the literary circles these days, happens to be “to use the cliche” which can be found preceding every cliche. It is being used so frequently that it can well become the fastest phrase to earn the title of a cliche.


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